We choose to only use Mobil 1 synthetic oil:
Services performed at this shop will not void your factory warranty!!!

Porsche oil service pricing as follows:

Posrche 996 cars     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$225

Porsche 997 cars    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$225

Porsche 991 cars    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$250

Porsche Cayenne  V8 early     ------------------------------------------------------------------------$225

Porsche  Cayenne V8 Late     -------------------------------------------------------------------------$225

        Regular oil services are the foundation of a happy, healthy engine. 

         Porsche Oil service -  This service includes an oil change (with filter) and a safety check of your vehicle items including: brakes, indicator lights, rubber belts and hoses, engine coolant, steering linkage, and suspension components. Additionally, your technician will check for fluid leaks, wiper condition and wiper fluid level, check tire pressure, tread depths, check the horn, and dashboard warning lights.