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Santa Monica Autoworks

As mechanics and diagnosticians, we bring decades of collective knowledge of German auto engineering. We take pride in basic servicing as well as figuring out complex problems. Above all else, we prioritize the highest mechanical and safety standards and a work ethic rooted in humanity. Trust us with your car and we will make sure it is in top shape.

About Us

We're your friendly neighborhood German car specialists and we've operated on the corner of Pico and Euclid for 24 years.


We see our customers at the grocery store, at the vet, on the SMCC campus - we’ve been in the community long enough to have seen babies grow into teenagers!

We love it here,love what we do and who we do it for!

There’s Always An Answer

The great thing about cars is that they make sense which means we can fix the issue or solve your problem.


Sometimes the answer is straightforward, sometimes it isn’t, some repairs are laborious and expensive, others are quick and budget-friendly, but there is always an answer when it comes to your vehicle. 

We prioritize the highest mechanical and safety standards and our work ethic is rooted in humanity.

German Car Specialists

As experienced mechanics and technicians, our garage houses several decades in collective knowledge of German auto engineering.

It doesn't matter if you drive a Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, BMW/Mini or VW; these are the cars we choose to work on and there is no better auto repair shop in Santa Monica for these cars.

When you pull up to our shop you can rest assured that only qualified mechanics will be working on your car.

Know The Person Who Knows Your Car.

Our role in the care and maintenance of your vehicle is something we take seriously, and you
should too. High standards are reflected in our repair work just as much as the way we operate.
We’ve made it our business to build trust and reputation through candor, informed decision
making, and the understanding that not every potential customer is the right customer for us.

We’ve come to recognize that our longest standing customers

think of us as a relationship, not a transaction.

Visit Us Today

We would love to meet you in person!


At any day of the week you can drive up and talk to Brian, Brett, Ozzie or Buddy about your car’s weird noise, engine light or whatever else is on your mind!


Visit us: ​1231 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405

You can also make an appointment by

Calling us: 310-452-8755

Emailing us: smautoworks1231@gmail


When you get here we are going to put your vehicle through a thorough assessment that tells us more about what brought
you in and often other factors that may be impacting optimal performance or influencing the safety of your vehicle.
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