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Welcome to Santa Monica Autoworks

At Santa Monica Autoworks, we are experienced mechanics and diagnosticians with decades of collective knowledge of German engineering. We pride ourselves in providing quality service for all your automotive needs, from basic repairs to complex problems. Our highest priority is ensuring the safety and mechanical standards of your vehicle, and we do so with a work ethic rooted in humanity. 

Our role in the care and maintenance of your vehicle is something we take seriously, and you should too. High standards are reflected in our repair work just as much as the way we operate.

We’ve made it our business to build trust and reputation through candor, informed decision making, and the understanding that not every potential customer is the right customer for us.

We’ve come to recognize that our longest standing customers think of us as a relationship, not a transaction.

“Choosing Santa Monica Autoworks means you’re making an investment in the long-term performance of your vehicle. Customers leave our shop knowing they’ve chosen experts, reassured that our approach delivers a thorough assessment and solution, every time.”

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